About the project

Welcome to the valley of the river Svratka, formerly also known as Švarcava. A river that has been creating a life artery across the Vysočina region for centuries. The river, which found its way through deep valleys, between rocks, then continued through the already flat landscape to the Nové Mlýny reservoirs. The river that creates incredible and still often virgin scenery for truly active tourism. But tourism, like everything else in life, has its pros and cons. Without regulation and clear boundaries, it can be a ruin for nature and especially the atmosphere of the place, which often changes beyond recognition. Therefore, in the Svratka Valley project, we try to focus on long-term sustainable tourism, focused on the already existing attractions of our region, not on building new attractions and attracting thousands of visitors to something currently popular. The goal of the Svratka Valley portal is to attract dozens of tourists, but 365 days a year, because it is beautiful in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands all year round. See for yourself. We look forward to you…

Our vision

“Our vision is to support long-term sustainable tourism in Vír and the surrounding area, which will enable the creation of new jobs, the development of a pleasant and authentic infrastructure, all without significant intervention in the otherwise very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of this region.”

David Matuška - statutory director of Údolí Svratky a.s.

Web presentation 

The Svratka Valley project has been pursuing a clearly defined goal from the very beginning. We want to support and create sustainable tourism in the valley of the Svratka River in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, primarily with a focus on several mainstays, for which it is worth visiting this unique area. Thanks to this, we divided the whole project according to areas of interest into the Svratka Valley, the Valley of Sports, the Valley of History and the Valley of Culture. Each industry is dedicated to a separate website with its own domain, however, the home page of the entire project is a portal www.udolisvratky.cz.

Sustainable tourism

What is meant by sustainable and nature-friendly tourism? First of all, we have to start from accommodation and catering capacities, transport infrastructure and the very focus of tourism. The Svratka valley area is not suitable for mass tourism, one-off events with a large number of visitors or for building huge attractions. Exactly opposite. Our region is specific for its tranquility, authentic rural atmosphere and almost untouched nature. And these are also the main reasons to visit this region. It would therefore be completely contrary to logic to destroy the very essence of this place with tourism.

That is why we focus on activities that bring a small number of visitors to Vír and its surroundings, but ideally every single day of the year. We purposefully build or revive exactly such activities for which it is not worth crossing the whole country, but whose diversity and combination will fill your stay for several days, as nowhere else in the Czech Republic. Via ferrata, a wild water canal, cycle paths and bike trails, castle ruins, historic mines, an ice wall, a river full of trout, untouched nature - these are exactly the reasons to visit the Svratka Valley.

Get involved too!

In cooperation, mutual support and joint building of a pleasant atmosphere is probably the greatest potential of our region. Tourists and visitors are sincerely not interested in quarrels and hassles between individual entrepreneurs. They want to enjoy, relax and feel good. In addition, capacities and services are so undersized in our region that nothing like competition can even exist. The Svratka Valley project is open to any reasonable form of cooperation. Contact us, whether you run an accommodation or catering facility, any service or attraction for the public, or you know of something that might interest tourists and visitors to our region. Help us update and continue to expand a varied interesting offers, thanks to which we will be able to attract tourists 365 days a year!

You can contact us at the email address info@udolisvratky.cz or by phone at +420 566 566 566